About Us

The Authentic Iron Company’s owner Mark Dinieri has been a local Western New York business owner for over 15 years. From the start of the Authentic Iron Company his vision was to bring back not only the look and feel of old world and old school wrought iron but also to bring back that quality that had seemed to be lost over the years . Another passion was to create ornate original pieces that expressed our customers to express their own individual unique styles. The goal of creating original high quality handmade custom wrought iron has been achieved by the authentic iron company under the leadership of Mark Dinieri.

The entire goal of the authentic iron company is to offer beautifully custom handmade wrought iron products and many times cost less than prefabricated mass produced low end low quality products on the market.

Whether you are looking for unique Custom decorations, a beautifully hand crafted piece of furniture, security windows to protect your home or business, railings to provide beauty and function, stairways, that beautiful old world wrought iron fence that luxuriously surrounds your property or pool.

The authentic iron companies thousands of satisfied customers have continued to refer on many new customers we at the authentic iron company pride ourselves on going above and beyond to ensure the highest professional courtesy that you would expect as well as the highest possible quality.

As always we offer complementary estimates. Call today for your free estimate so we can discuss your vision and let us help you achieve your goal! (716) 282-5612